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Ms Nosybella: What's your favourite...

I was going to do a 'what makes your blood boil' Nosybella,  but I think there's just been enough negativity floating around bloggerspace for the time being. So, instead, today I'm interested in favourites. I know, I know, favourites change all the time. I'm into something one week and right out of it the next. But what's your favourite-for-now (my favourites in brackets)...

Past time? (Gardening / Dreaming)

Television show? (Modern Family)

Book? (At My French Table)

Food? (Currently Indian - Butter Chicken and Plain Naan) (Not home made) (Have never tackled Indian food - have you?)

Colour? (Teal right now, but ask me in a minute...)

Exercise? (Riding my brand new shiny bike... whooooosh... that was me rocketing down the hill outside my house... yipppppeeeeee!)

Drink? (supercold Savignon Blanc in front of the fire)

Blog? (Kootoyoo)

Recipe? (Rosemary Olive Bread)

What are your favourites right now?


Mrs Woog said...

Past time? shopping and cooking

Television show? Chelsea Lately

Book? Anything my Marion Keyes

Food? Seafood

Colour? Olive Green

Exercise? Rumpy Pumpy

Drink? Vodka O

Blog? Too many to answer

Recipe? Prawn and Lemon risotto

Kirsty said...

Awww, you're pretty darn good yourself. x

I must live in a kootoyoo bubble 'cos of course I'm unaware of any negativity.

Jasmine said...

My mother makes some mean Indian dishes, but they're more Malaysian-Indian as she learned to cook them in Penang. So her chicken curry is as awesome as her satays (...should have seen the kerfuffle at Christmas over who would get to keep the precious satay recipe ... until we realised we could just photocopy it!).

Stacia said...

I'd take any kind of drink in front of the fire! It's so stinking hot around here, I find myself constantly dreaming of scarves and snowflakes.

Jess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
life in a pink fibro said...

I love cooking Indian - so many ingredients, so much grinding and chopping, so much flavour. I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. My favourite blogs are all written by my family, which probably means I need to get out more.

Draft Queen said...

Past time? Anything needing creativity. I love to make things.
Television show? Colbert Report
Book? Anything by Patricia Cornwell or Erma Bombeck
Food? If I don't have to make it, it's a winner!
Colour? Purple. But I've been doing a lot of redecorating with brown and I've noticed all the new shoes I'm accumulating (and clothes) are largely brown.
Exercise? Let's hope it's kickboxing- I start classes next week.
Drink? coffee.
Blog? Too many to choose from.
Recipe? I like to just make things up as I go.

Rachel said...

Past time? Reading and taking photo's
Television show? Missing and Criminal mind

Book? Depends what mood I'm in

Food? Seafood and pasta...

Colour? Anything Green

Exercise? Whats that all about

Drink? Vodka & Coke

Blog? Love them all

Recipe? Spanish Rice

Oh and you won an award.... hope on over :)

74 Lime Lane said...

Past time? Playing on the computer? I'm such a geek.

Television show? My all-time favourite ~ will & grace

Book? hmmm, not reading anything at the moment but thinking of restarting Harry Potter with Master 8

Food? Camembert with herbs, wrapped in proscuitto and baked in the oven. That's my fave weekend treat at the moment.

Colour? Lime, naturally

Exercise? wii tennis {about as close as I get to strenuous activity}

Drink? nice glass of red, or green tea before cocktail hour

Blog? hmmm, i read a lot, best post this week for me was doing the laundry on planning with kids

Recipe? this week - friands, i have to make some to use up some egg whites

Good fun learning a few random things about people.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Oh annoying! I managed to delete my list!

Past time? Planning my holiday!

Television show? Keeping up with the Kardashians. Hilarious! No judgment people...

Book? Reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Again.

Food? Chicken soup. I swear it's helping with my cold.

Colour? Lavender

Exercise? Pilates and Body Balance

Drink? Ginger and Lemongrass tea, either made fresh or from T2

Blog? Faux Fuschia

Recipe? Cinnamon and chocolate mince tarts:

Kelly said...

Wow, reading these comments are making me hungry!

Past time? I don't get much free time. When I do, my first choice is always girls' nights out!

Television show? Right now - SYTYCD. Love Modern Family and Glee, though.

Book? Favorite of all time? The Outsiders. I have so many sub-faves, though.

Food? Anything Thai.

Colour? Today it's yellow

Exercise? Zumba!

Drink? Malibu w/ orange pineapple juice. (Can I have one now please?)

Blog? I'm stalking {a mom's view of adhd} since we're gearing up for back to school

Recipe? I don't really do recipes, or cooking really.

Corrie said...

ahhhhh I so love modern family too! it's such a funny show and my hubby always misses it on tv as he gets home too late and I'll be telling him some of the jokes and I'm in absolute hysterics! soooo funny!


Tamara said...

Here are my answers.....

Past time? Crafting and anything to do with Craft!

Television show? The View

Book? Anything by Jodi Picoult

Food? At the moment, cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches

Colour? Red

Exercise? I am not good at any exercise

Drink? I am ashamed to say it but Coke....

Blog? Calico & Co

Recipe? Anything that comes out of a continental recipe mix!

ecoMILF said...

Past time? playing, baking, singing
Television show? river cottage
Book? ocean sea (barrico)

Food? fruit and chocolate

Colour? anything in the shade of violet/purple
Exercise? yoga

Drink? a glass of red while making
Blog? can't pick just one

Recipe? oatmeal choc chip cookies


Seraphim said...

It's like one mind. I just blogged about my favourite things.

Cat said...

Oooh, ooh, ooh, I wannna play!

Past time? Definitely baking and trying to find some crafty fun for the Bebito and I to share that's appropriate for an almost 2 year old

Television show? Gruen Transfer

Book? TOO HARD to choose - blog post tomorrow! :)

Food? Vanilla custard (home made!)

Colour? Blue, duck-egg and pastel (yes, I like to be specific) and also white

Exercise? What's that again? Does chasing after a toddler count?

Drink? Coffee

Blog? Calico & Co and also that cute one with the little girl photographed whilst she's asleep that you shared a little while ago

Recipe? Again, too hard but I'm in to Nigella's Granola recipe at the mo

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